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Welcome to connect.shipglobal, your premier partner in international shipping solutions. Time to streamline your shipping effortlessly with our powerful management tools.

Features of Connect.ShipGlobal

Seamless Amazon Seller Central Integration

Effortlessly link your Amazon Seller Central account to efficiently retrieve order data.

Multi-Marketplace Integration

Consolidate data from multiple Amazon marketplaces and accounts, streamlining information management in one central location.

Effortless Shipping Label Creation

Easily generate shipping labels for all your orders, simplifying the shipping process.

Automated Tracking Information Submission

Automatically submit tracking and AWB information for your orders to seller central, ensuring timely updates for customers.

Simplified SG AWB Printing

Streamline order fulfilment by printing ShipGlobal Air Waybills with ease.

Amazon & PII Compliance

Rest easy knowing our platform is fully compliant with Amazon's regulations and prioritises the security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Time Efficiency

Save valuable time by automating order retrieval, label generation, and tracking updates, now everything is just one click!

Centralised Management

Easily manage orders from multiple Amazon marketplaces and accounts in one convenient location.

Fulfilment Accuracy

Ensure accurate shipping label creation and AWB submission for on-time deliveries.

Cost Savings

Reduce operational costs with streamlined order processing and printing of ShipGlobal AWBs. No additional IT expenses or subscription costs.

Compliance & Security

Rest assured with Amazon compliance and robust PII security, safeguarding your business and customer data.


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